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Women Entrepreneurs in an Emerging Economy Environment: Morocco

Women entrepreneurs (WEs) operate at all levels of society in Morocco. But, what it is really like to be a self-employed woman in this emerging economy? Taking a marketing approach, this case study explores factors in the business environment of this emerging economy that Moroccan WEs face as they start their own businesses and struggle to become successful.

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Domino's Pizza: Digital Transformation in the Pizza Industry
This case is an instructional tool illustrating how innovation can transform a business in the areas of customer relationship management, technology, and operations. Strong business performance by Domino’s connects with…
Publication Date: 05/29/2024 Product ID: 5-757-783
Smithfield Foods and the Future of Meat: Unravelling Environmental Justice
This case focuses on Smithfield Foods’ efforts in North Carolina to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and other hog waste pollution, while facing an increase in community activism, concerns about…
Publication Date: 05/29/2024 Product ID: 2-036-133
Tesla's Evolution: Mass Market Electric Vehicles?
Tesla finds itself at a critical juncture as it grapples with intensifying competition in the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) market and potentially waning consumer demand. The company, known for disrupting…
Publication Date: 05/28/2024 Product ID: 2-135-828
Amazon in Emerging Markets
This case leads to a vibrant discussion and comparative analysis of Amazon’s strategies across three major emerging markets. Amazon is known to virtually every student, making an illustration of internationalization…
Publication Date: 08/01/2014 Product ID: 1-429-401
Pricing Games: Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox
Economic game theory can be a tedious and difficult concept, but it doesn’t have to be. This exercise allows students to learn about game theory via an entertaining medium –…
Publication Date: 02/07/2011 Product ID: 1-428-882
Blue Apron: Turning Around the Struggling Meal Kit Market Leader
In 2016, Blue Apron was the leading meal kit delivery business in the United States. The initial registration form it filed in advance of its initial public offering (IPO) showed…
Publication Date: 08/09/2018 Product ID: 5-177-309

Featured Cases

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