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Akil Amiraly

Associate Researcher

Ecole Polytechnique (Paris)

Akil Amiraly is an associate researcher at i3-CRG, a research unit in management at Ecolepolytechnique CNRS, IP Paris, and a member of the Energy and Prosperity Chair at the Institut Louis Bachelier. His research concerns the diffusion and appropriation of locally novel technical elements of urban infrastructure systems (water, electricity, mobility) in developing countries in East Africa and India.

In the field of management, he studies the interplay among public services, technologies, social contexts and human behavior. The qualitative approach he practices involves thoroughly describing the sociotechnical context, and the impacts of management tools, technological devices and payment models on end-users’ consumption practices.

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Electric Moto-Taxis Innovation in Low Income Countries: A Rider’s Perspective in Kampala
First Place Winner; 2023 Energy Innovation in LMICs Global Case Writing Competition Sammy Kalunji, 36, a low-income self-employed motorcycle taxi microentrepreneur in Kampala, Uganda, decided to buy an electric motorcycle…
Publication Date: 10/10/2023 Product ID: 8-364-643