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Process Measures: Basic Concepts and Definitions
This note describes and defines concepts used by operation management professionals to categorize operations processes such as flow rate, Little’s Law, and inventory turns. Using this note, students can obtain…
Publication Date: 12/11/2012 Product ID: 1-429-247
Quality Management Concepts and Basic Tools
This reference note serves as a broad introduction to the area of quality management. Students studying business management will find this material useful as background for thinking about quality issues,…
Publication Date: 11/07/2012 Product ID: 1-429-296
The Entrepreneur’s Dictionary: A Straightforward Guide to Business Terms
This dictionary provides comprehensive definitions for over 450 business terms. It was designed to be used in the Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation Course and for people interested in starting their…
Publication Date: 10/18/2011 Product ID: 1-429-194
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