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A&E Shirts, LLC: Assessing First Month Financial Performance
Offering solid practice for students of accounting, this exercise presents A&E Shirts LLC, a budding retail company that is balancing its books for its first month of business ...
Publication Date: 06/27/2011 Product ID: 1-429-182
Assessing Market Potential: The 4 Bs
This exercise illustrates marketers’ constant struggle to determine their return on marketing investment. Leading indicators vs. lagging indicators need to be available for ongoing decision-making. By clearly identifying the ...
Publication Date: 04/23/2010 Product ID: 1-428-931
Brand You: Marketing Yourself for Success Globally
In this exercise students develop a personal marketing plan to promote their individual international business agendas. This is an eight-part process that involves the creation of a mission statement ...
Publication Date: 04/17/2014 Product ID: 1-429-392
Cash Flow Statements: Financial Due Diligence for a Strategic Acquisition
This case is a critical introduction, for business students, to the significance of cash flow statements. First students evaluate the cash flow statements of four “mystery” companies and recommend one ...
Publication Date: 09/24/2012 Product ID: 1-429-179
Creative Calligraphy Invitations: A Process Analysis
You and your roommate are launching a calligraphy business out of your two-bedroom apartment. Will this business be profitable? That is the question students evaluate with “Creative Calligraphy Invitations ...
Publication Date: 11/20/2009 Product ID: 1-428-837
Cross Border Valuation Exercise (A)
This quiz accompanies the conceptual note, Cross-Border Project Valuation. It is designed to help students strengthen their ability in calculating project discount rates, selecting the right currency, and analyzing ...
Publication Date: 05/27/2009 Product ID: 1-428-663
Harley Davidson Purchase (A): Role of the Buyer
This is going to be your first Harley-Davidson! You can’t wait! For the past two years, you’ve been riding a beat-up 1981 Honda with a 750 ...
Publication Date: 04/19/2010 Product ID: 1-429-043
Harley Davidson Purchase (B): Role of the Seller
This is going to be your last Harley-Davidson! You’ve had enough. You’re tired of the oil stain in your garage and the joke about why it’s ...
Publication Date: 04/27/2010 Product ID: 1-429-085
Highland Hospital Operating Room Scheduling
This case uses the example of a hospital operating room to teach students how to make decisions based on a quantitative operational analysis. Students are asked to consider issues with ...
Publication Date: 12/03/2010 Product ID: 1-429-132
How Much and From Whom? An Exercise in Seed-Stage Financing
The founders of start-up biotech company Chiral Intermediates have an important decision to make. How much money to raise? When? And from what kinds of funding sources? This exercise ...
Publication Date: 03/29/2011 Product ID: 1-429-165
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