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A Note on International Trade Theory
This note describes international trade theories, beginning with country-based international trade theories, followed by firm-based international trade theories, and concluding with a single company-based international trade theory ...
Publication Date: 12/18/2014 Product ID: 1-429-407
African Solar Rise: Electrifying Rural Tanzania
1st Place Winner – 2014 NextBillion Case Writing Competition. Daniel Uphaus—founder and CEO of African Solar Rise (ASR), a German NGO providing solar energy solutions in Tanzania—is faced ...
Publication Date: 04/01/2014 Product ID: 1-429-384
Aparajitha: Developing a Thinking Organization
Aparajitha is a company that has thrived in the booming economic climate of India. Due to the network of contacts and bank of knowledge it has developed, Aparajitha will be ...
Publication Date: 08/27/2012 Product ID: 1-429-253
BP and the Whiting Refinery: Beyond Petroleum (A)
This case describes the situation facing BP America’s President Bob Malone in late 2007, while attempting to expand the refining capacity at their Whiting, Indiana plant. They had followed ...
Publication Date: 12/05/2008 Product ID: 1-428-727
Business Thought & Action Course
The course Business Thought & Action™ is a robust introduction to business for undergraduate students. It is a holistic start to their business education experience and provides context for business ...
Publication Date: 03/27/2012 Product ID: 1-429-206
EMMICO: How to Establish Economic Order Quantity
EMMICO has just acquired Franz Kuerten and is trying to integrate its Vienna plant operations. The problem is the company is storing too much inventory at the plant and its ...
Publication Date: 08/15/2016 Product ID: 1-430-490
From Free Lunch to Black Hole: Credit Default Swaps at AIG
It is July of 2007 and Alan Frost, executive vice president for AIG Financial Products (AIGFP) has just received a heads up on a margin call from Goldman Sachs. The ...
Publication Date: 08/06/2015 Product ID: 1-430-441
Genesis of a Green Brand in the Mayan Rainforest
3rd Place Winner – 2014 NextBillion Case Writing Competition. A consultant to the Mayan gum growers consortium has only three months to prepare the launch of the first organic biodegradable ...
Publication Date: 04/01/2014 Product ID: 1-429-386
Hedging at Porsche
Porsche is taking in more money from its options strategies than it is from the sale of cars. Some of the earnings are on foreign exchange options, but a significant ...
Publication Date: 08/06/2015 Product ID: 1-430-440
Interface’s Net-Works Program: A New Approach to Creating Social Value through Sustainable Sourcing
Interface ranks among the top three manufacturers in the carpet industry, measured by revenues per year. Through its sustainability program, the company has achieved astounding results. Still, while Interface has ...
Publication Date: 02/19/2014 Product ID: 1-429-374
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