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A Delicate Balance for Ruby Cup: Profitability and Sustainability at the Base of the Pyramid
Ruby Cup explores the challenges of creating marketing, pricing, sales, and distribution strategies based on the needs of those living in bottom of the pyramid (BoP) markets. Three entrepreneurs are ...
Publication Date: 01/14/2015 Product ID: 1-429-400
Active Microtechnology Solutions, Inc. Solution Simplified to Override
Jenny Perez created Active Microtechnology Solutions to serve as a b2b solution to provide repair and restoration services for computer equipment that would otherwise be discarded. Having established a reliable ...
Publication Date: 11/09/2016 Product ID: 1-006-500
African Solar Rise: Electrifying Rural Tanzania
1st Place Winner – 2014 NextBillion Case Writing Competition. Daniel Uphaus—founder and CEO of African Solar Rise (ASR), a German NGO providing solar energy solutions in Tanzania—is faced ...
Publication Date: 04/01/2014 Product ID: 1-429-384
Afrikan Tahti: Coming to America?
The makers of Afrikan Tähti (African Star), a board game in Finland and Sweden, are considering a market expansion, especially to the United States. In the game, players search ...
Publication Date: 12/07/2015 Product ID: 1-430-462
Amazon in Emerging Markets
This case leads to a vibrant discussion and comparative analysis of Amazon’s strategies across three major emerging markets. Amazon is known to virtually every student, making an illustration of ...
Publication Date: 08/01/2014 Product ID: 1-429-401
Arm & Hammer: Extending a Trusted Brand
Church & Dwight Company, Inc., is the world’s largest producer of sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, and the maker of the most popular brand of baking soda ...
Publication Date: 12/07/2015 Product ID: 1-430-463
Assessing Market Potential: The 4 Bs
This exercise illustrates marketers’ constant struggle to determine their return on marketing investment. Leading indicators vs. lagging indicators need to be available for ongoing decision-making. By clearly identifying the ...
Publication Date: 04/23/2010 Product ID: 1-428-931
Baby’s Out of Breath: Challenges of Running a Neighborhood Store
Baby’s Hardware, a small retail shop, sells plumbing and electrical equipment as well as tools, paints and accessories. Over the last few years, sales have been declining. Competition has ...
Publication Date: 03/10/2017 Product ID: 1-007-100
Boosting Roots with Analytics
Josef Singson started Roots as a school project for one of his entrepreneurship classes. The company, an online fashion retailer, carries men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, emphasizing ...
Publication Date: 03/10/2017 Product ID: 1-007-200
Boroline Branding: More Than Cosmetic Changes
A once dominate market leader in the skin care segment, Boroline – a moisturizing skin cream – has receded in relevancy and popularity in the Indian market. The brand had ...
Publication Date: 04/16/2015 Product ID: 1-429-432
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