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Kristin Babbie Kelterborn

Manager, Grants & Entreprenership Development; William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan

Kristin Babbie Kelterborn is a Senior Project Manager with a dual role on WDI’s Grants Management and Entrepreneurship Development teams. Since 2015, she has managed a diverse portfolio of funded projects and has led teams in pursuing new business opportunities. At the Entrepreneurship Development Center, Kelterborn applies her expertise in entrepreneurship education to design and implement projects that support entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses in low- and middle-income countries. Prior to her role at WDI, Kristin was a research analyst at an innovation accelerator where she conducted market research and guided entrepreneurs in building agrifood businesses. She also was a graduate research assistant involved in various internationally focused social science projects, and interned with Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in Bangkok. Kelterborn has a Master of Science dual-title degree in Rural Sociology/International Agriculture & Development from the Pennsylvania State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Relations & Policy from James Madison College at Michigan State University.

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