Submission Form

2023 Energy Innovation in LMICs Global Case Writing Competition

Deadline for all Submission Documents: March 31, 2023; 11:59 p.m. EDT. You may submit documents before the stated deadline.

The following documents must be submitted by March 31, 2023, 11:59 p.m. EDT:

  1. Case Study (Microsoft Word document)
  2. Teaching Note (Microsoft Word document)
  3. Completed Submission Form
  4. Organizational Release Form (If you are using primary data from an organization, the appropriate individual from that organization must sign WDI Publishing’s Organizational Release Form.)


Document Preparation

Within your Microsoft Word documents, you may have three types of graphics:

  1. Tables
  2. Exhibits (graphics included in-text that are less than a half-page in length)
  3. Appendices (included after the text, before the endnotes)

All tables, exhibits, and appendices must include the following:

  • Reference number or letter (i.e., Table 1, Exhibit 1, Appendix A)
  • Title (For example, “ACME Corporation 2009-2018 Financials”)
  • Appendices should be referenced within the body of the case, at the end of sentence, e.g., (See Appendix B)
  • Source line below the graphic. (Do not use endnotes to cite a table, exhibit, or appendix.)
  • All graphics must be referenced within the body of the text. For example, “The company lost $5 million in revenue since 2017 (see Exhibit 1).”

Embed all graphics directly into the Microsoft Word document (exactly where you want them to appear). You may need to provide some graphics as individual files, upon request.

Please ensure all fields are completed before you submit the form. Any questions, email