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Steven Samford

Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies

University of MIchigan's College of Literature, Science and the Arts

Steven Samford studies organizations and the political economy of development, primarily concentrating on the developing world. He focuses on how the interactions between state bureaucracies (such as innovation agencies or regulators) and businesses and business organizations affect technology development and diffusion. His papers have appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, Politics & Society, Studies in Comparative International Development, and Business & Politics, among others. Prior to coming to the University of Michigan, he held research fellowships at the University of Toronto and University of Notre Dame. He has degrees from Reed College (BA) and the University of New Mexico (PhD).

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Getting the Lead Out of Mexican Ceramics: The Challenges of Diffusing Safe Technologies to Microenterprises
First Place Winner; 2024 Health Tech Global Case Writing Competition This case focuses on a widespread health concern to highlight the difficulties microenterprises in emerging economies encounter in the adoption…
Publication Date: 07/01/2024 Product ID: 8-886-462
Micro-mill or Mass Market? Organizational Crossroads in Costa Rican Coffee Cooperatives
This case describes a group of neighboring small coffee farmers in Costa Rica led informally by Elías Hernández. In August 2021, the group is weighing a decision to remain part…
Publication Date: 06/20/2022 Product ID: 6-199-214