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Jacob Park

Professor of Business Strategy & Sustainability; Green Mountain College

Prof. Jacob Park, associate professor of business and public policy at Green Mountain College since 2002, specializes in the teaching and research of global environment & business strategy, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and community-based entrepreneurship & innovation.

A former financial journalist with Fortune Magazine, global environmental policy advisor to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and a United Nations research specialist on Asian environmental and urban development issues, he worked as a senior research consultant and Japanese and Asian equity specialist in the Governance and Socially Responsibility Investment Group of ISIS Asset Management, a London-based investment company.

An editorial/review board member of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Business Strategy and the Environment and the Greener Management International, his most recent book is the “Ecology of the New Economy: Sustainable Transformation of Global Information Technology, Communication, and Electronics Industries” (Greenleaf Publishing, 2002) and is currently working on two edited books, “Sustainable Global Governance”, and “Ecological Modernization & Asia-Pacific.”

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