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What Does It Really Mean When We Call Something Sustainable? - Andy Hoffman quoted in FASHION

The word sustainability is frequently used when describing the environmental movement; however, the ubiquity of the word has led to some concerns.

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Rising Insurance Costs May Convince Americans that Climate Change Risks are Real - Andy Hoffman in The Conversation

As the insurance sector adjusts to factor the growing risks of climate change in coverage and premiums, it will become a powerful lever for pushing society and the economy to become more resilient to the changes that climate change is expected to bring.

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What a Sustainable Business Looks Like - Erb Institute Professor Sara Soderstrom Comments on Brewery Vivant

Kris Spaulding and her husband, Jason, co-founded Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, MI. They operate the brewery with a triple bottom line approach in which they place equal emphasis on people, the planet, and profit.

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Business for Sustainability

The Erb Institute is a partnership between the Ross School of Business and the School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) at the University of Michigan. The institute’s mission is to create a socially and environmentally sustainable world through the power of business. The institute achieves this through research, teaching and business engagement - all focused on preparing and supporting bold business leaders who can adeptly transform companies, industries and entire economies for systemic sustainability.

The institute was founded 20 years ago as a dual-degree program in which graduate students receive their MBA from Ross and their MS from SEAS. Today, the Erb Institute has grown to include scholarly and applied research on business sustainability, as well as direct business engagement to turn ideas into action through on-the-ground projects with companies, social enterprises and nonprofits committed to business sustainability.

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Activision Blizzard, Inc.: Facing the Call of Duty with a Laser Focus on Women
Honorable Mention; 2022 DEI Global Case Writing Competition. In November 2021, Activision Blizzard, Inc., the California-based maker of popular videogames such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, faced…
Publication Date: 08/08/2022 Product ID: 3-587-220
How Can Shoppers Market Create an Inclusive Environment for Women of Color?
Third Place Winner; 2022 DEI Global Case Writing Competition. Ashima Patel, senior vice president and chief diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) officer at Shoppers Market, a global retailer, has made…
Publication Date: 07/27/2022 Product ID: 9-480-331
Perks or Rights? Accommodating Neurodiversity in the Unionized Workplace
Second Place Winner; 2022 DEI Global Case Writing Competition. This case features a high-performing employee, Fatima Hassan, with an invisible disability and whose career may also be affected by her…
Publication Date: 07/27/2022 Product ID: 5-089-508
Navigating SheaMoisture through a Racial Awakening: Cara Sabin’s Authentic Leadership
First Place Winner; 2022 DEI Global Case Writing Competition. Cara Sabin (she), a Black woman, became the CEO of Sundial Brands in 2019. The Sundial beauty brands focus on the…
Publication Date: 07/27/2022 Product ID: 7-510-628
Mandalay Homes: Building Sustainable Innovation in Residential Construction
Mandalay Homes, a home builder based in northern Arizona, is a market leader in energy efficiency based construction. The company is now at a crossroads for developing a strategy for…
Publication Date: 07/07/2022 Product ID: 2-070-379
Micro-mill or Mass Market? Organizational Crossroads in Costa Rican Coffee Cooperatives
This case describes a group of neighboring small coffee farmers in Costa Rica led informally by Elías Hernández. In August 2021, the group is weighing a decision to remain part…
Publication Date: 06/20/2022 Product ID: 6-199-214
AT&T and Corporate Political Donations after the Capitol Insurrection
A year of political turmoil, capped by the violent insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, presented new challenges to many corporations, including AT&T. The telecommunications giant’s…
Publication Date: 05/25/2022 Product ID: 9-334-409
Transforming a Successful Organization: Societal Changes Challenge the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan
This case is about the transformation of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM), one of the major organizations in its field. It begins with the CEO, Steve…
Publication Date: 05/24/2022 Product ID: 5-843-641
Squarespace and Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville: The Responsibility of Private Companies to Respond
This case follows the decision-making of Connie Ovalspot, fictional head of human resources at Squarespace. Ovalspot is being called on to advise the CEO and board members on how to…
Publication Date: 05/02/2022 Product ID: 8-968-451
Tesla's Battery Supply Chain: A Growing Concern
In October 2021, the fictional vice president of supply chain sustainability at Tesla is working on finding the best way to achieve Tesla’s goal of 100% recycling for the batteries…
Publication Date: 04/22/2022 Product ID: 9-884-554

Erb Institute has 677 products available, viewing 1-10.

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