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Joel Gehman

Joel Gehman

Francis Winspear Assistant Professor of Business; University of Alberta Business School

Joel Gehman studies sustainability, innovation and strategy and investigates how concerns related to sustainability and values affect organizational strategies, technology innovation, and institutional arrangements. He draws primarily on organization theory, together with insights from strategic management, and science and technology studies. Before becoming a professor, Gehman spent 13 years in industry and still regularly advises and consults with diverse organizations. He graduated from Cornell University (B.S.) and the Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D.).  

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Crafting Policy: The Government of Alberta and Microbreweries
Government can play a considerable role in the success of businesses and whole industries. Government intervention in a market sector, however, requires careful consideration. In this case, the New Democratic Party…
Publication Date: 10/05/2018 Product ID: 8-607-139
The Drone Debate: How Should Canada’s Military Use Unmanned Aircraft?
Drones, also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are aircraft remotely controlled by an operator who can be thousands of miles away. Drones are primarily used for surveillance, as…
Publication Date: 09/21/2018 Product ID: 5-863-903