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Note on Business Model Innovation: It Can Be as Critical to New-Business Success as Technology Innovation
Surprisingly, the dominant competitor that eventually surfaces in many industries does not garner its sustainable competitive advantage through the expected paths of either technological or product innovation, on the one…
Publication Date: 02/27/2009 Product ID: 1-428-784
Supporting Micro, Small, Medium-Sized Enterprises in Southern Philippines
Rolando Acuna is tired of seeing micro, small, and medium-sized businesses fail. The provincial director of the Department of Industry and Trade is assessing what his organization has already done…
Publication Date: 12/04/2015 Product ID: 1-002-700
A Social Entrepreneur Explores Alternative Business Models During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Rawan Hudaifa
In 2020, Rawan Hudaifa, the Syrian migrant and entrepreneur behind Tina Zita (TZ), found her social enterprise in dire circumstances amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to public fear, a ban…
Publication Date: 05/06/2021 Product ID: 2-918-962
Maya Mountain Cacao: Optimizing Operations for Buyers and the Indigenous
Honorable mention in the 2015 Next Billion competition. Maya Mountain Cacao and its holding company, Uncommon Cocoa, are growing rapidly. The companies are transitioning from an early stage to a…
Publication Date: 04/03/2015 Product ID: 1-429-427
Clean Energy is a Dirty Business
Bituin Marikit Corp., a solar wafering company, faces a commercial and technological challenge.  Chinese manufacturers are undercutting the company, and BMC must find a way to use recycled slurry in…
Publication Date: 03/10/2017 Product ID: 1-007-700
Grameen Intel Social Business: Technology Solutions at the Base of the Pyramid
Second-place winner of the 2015 NextBillion competition. Grameen Intel, a Bangladeshi-based joint venture between the Grameen Trust and Intel Corporation, is a social business that develops and delivers new technology…
Publication Date: 04/03/2015 Product ID: 1-429-425
Unnati: Sustaining Value in the Agricultural Sector of Rural India
Akshamaala was designed to provide information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to improve sales, field force effectiveness, and customer interactions. Entrepreneurs Amit Sinha and Ashok Prasad started the firm for…
Publication Date: 12/04/2015 Product ID: 1-429-430
Business Model Innovation at TutorVista: Personalization and Global Resource Leverage
How do you convince American parents living in the Midwest to hire tutors from India? How do you convince them to hire a tutor that they and their children will…
Publication Date: 12/14/2012 Product ID: 1-428-916
An Artisanal Bread Baker Diversifies her Product Line: The Case of Devrim Mumcuogullari
Devrim Mumcuogullari had been baking and selling bread successfully for the past two years. Her business had grown as her high-quality and nutritious products attracted new customers through word-of-mouth. With…
Publication Date: 05/06/2021 Product ID: 1-121-143
Empty Bubbles: The Case of the Missing Tablets
Leticia Rodriguez is the new vice president of quality assurance for a nutritional supplement company and she has just been handed a complaint. A customer purchased a blister pack and…
Publication Date: 12/04/2015 Product ID: 1-002-100
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