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A Seller's Market: Leveraging Analytics to Predict Winning Bids for Bay Area Homes
Bruce, a Silicon Valley native, bought a duplex in Palo Alto, California in 2011 and it was a huge success. The property increased in value and the monthly rent skyrocketed…
Publication Date: 10/18/2017 Product ID: 7-917-031
Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations and Agreements
This conceptual note defines bilateral and multilateral organizations and discusses how each play important roles in global health and international development. The note also analyzes how the conceptual and structural…
Publication Date: 09/28/2017 Product ID: 6-548-356
The FDA and the Pharmaceutical Drug Approval Process
This conceptual note provides an overview of the drug approval process in the United States. It examines the historical underpinnings and regulatory history that led to the creation of the…
Publication Date: 09/28/2017 Product ID: 7-101-063

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Genesis of a Green Brand in the Mayan Rainforest
3rd Place Winner – 2014 NextBillion Case Writing Competition. A consultant to the Mayan gum growers consortium has only three months to prepare the launch of the first organic biodegradable…
Publication Date: 04/01/2014 Product ID: 1-429-386
Food For All: Cross-Cultural Corporate Social Responsibility
This three-part case, authored by Aradhna Krishna and Dana Muir, provides the opportunity to engage students in an examination of how cross-cultural considerations can affect managerial, legal, operational, and corporate…
Publication Date: 06/15/2017 Product ID: 7-224-541
Honor Code: A Sticky Situation in Business School (A)
This case is a cautionary tale about the consequences of cheating in business school. It is ideal for new business students. Honor Code (A) details the circumstances that led to…
Publication Date: 07/27/2012 Product ID: 1-429-278

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WDI Publishing Launches Case Writing Competition

WDI Publishing is organizing and administering a case writing competition to celebrate and commemorate WDI’s 25th anniversary and its long history of developing market-based solutions in low- and middle-income countries around the world.

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WDI Returns to U-M Campus

WDI celebrated its return to the University of Michigan campus and its newly-renovated Wyly Hall offices with a staff lunch June 1 that included the Institute’s board of directors.

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WDI Publishing Launches New E-Commerce Site, User Interface

WDI Publishing, the Institute’s business case study initiative, has unveiled a new e-commerce website that features a clean, more intuitive design, a smoother transaction and checkout process and more flexibility to update the site with the latest cases, news and events.

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