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Izak Duenyas

Herrick Professor of Business; Professor of Operations Management; Professor of Technology & Operations; Professor of Industrial & Operations Engineering; Faculty Director - Executive MBA Program

University of Michigan’s
Ross School of Business

Professor Duenyas received his PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University in 1991. His research interests are in the performance analysis and optimal control of complex production and service systems. He has widely published articles on production and inventory control, supply chain management, and optimal analysis and control of queueing systems. He has served or is serving on the editorial boards of several of the leading journals in his field. Professor Duenyas has acted as the project director in grants totaling more than $2 million from the National Science Foundation and private industry.  He has been awarded a CAREER grant for his research by the National Science Foundation. 
Professor Duenyas is a co-director of a highly successful continuing education certificate program at the University of Michigan on lean manufacturing. In this capacity, he has taught on site at numerous companies. At the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Professor Duenyas teaches the core class on operations and a popular elective on the foundations of manufacturing management.


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by Damian Beil, Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Case  Publication Date: 04/2012  Product ID#: 1-429-248  Length: 14pages
Miguel Haro, director of Control Systems in Casturn’s Transmission Division, had returned to his desk after witnessing an online reverse auction for O-rings. Although supplier training for the event had been rushed, Haro’s Global Commodity Manager Mary Konchesky was confident that the event would yield significant cost savings. One bid stuck out from the rest: the incumbent supplie...
by Damian Beil, Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Case  Publication Date: 04/2012  Product ID#: 1-429-249  Length: 14pages
Despite initial concerns about the electronic reverse auction process, Casturn Director of Control Systems Miguel Haro decided that he was going to put all his weight behind the initiative and ensure that it succeeded, even if it was only to answer all the questions about how to run auctions. After a series of initial missteps, Haro began building a convincing business case for the...
by Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Case  Publication Date: 04/2012  Product ID#: 1-429-240  Length: 6pages
This year, television service provider Oz TV’s financial figures are troubling, despite steady demand. Is operational performance hurting financial performance? Oz customers rent a set-top box when they buy their programming package. Set-top boxes drive Oz’s key performance indicator: utilization. Students examine Oz’s box-return process in order to discover the link between financ...
by Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Exercise  Publication Date: 06/2011  Product ID#: 1-429-164  Length: 9pages
Kellogg Company, one of the largest cereal companies in the world, is struggling with inefficient production flows. The popular Raisin Bran and Frosted Flakes cereals are produced on the same production line. The process is often starved of cereal, which is costing Kellogg thousands of dollars every day in lost revenue. John A. Bryant, Kellogg’s chief executive officer, must come u...
by Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Exercise  Publication Date: 04/2010  Product ID#: 1-428-999  Length: 12pages
Petro Refinery LLC, a crude oil refinery, faces an issue common in many production and service industries: finding the optimal product mix or input mix. A central difficulty is that each product consumes different amounts of the firm’s shared resources, but contributes different revenues toward the firm’s fixed costs. Managers do not necessarily want to sacrifice the production of...
by Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Exercise  Publication Date: 11/2009  Product ID#: 1-428-837  Length: 4pages
You and your roommate are launching a calligraphy business out of your two-bedroom apartment. Will this business be profitable? That is the question students evaluate with “Creative Calligraphy Invitations (CCI).” Calligraphy requires special talent, but the company’s business operations are fairly simple. Students analyze CCI’s business operations to identify the bottleneck—the step that is the slowest or has the least capacity.
by Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Case  Publication Date: 05/2009  Product ID#: 1-428-795  Length: 20pages
This case study teaches students about lean process improvement projects at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the world’s leading hospital systems. The majority of the case focuses on one lean improvement project and leads the student step-by-step through the Kaizen events, and the tools, approaches and outcomes of the project. The case study ends with two short mini-cases on additional...
by Izak Duenyas
Product Type: Case  Publication Date: 11/2008  Product ID#: 1-428-724  Length: 12pages
This case explores the capacity management challenges facing the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital. Recent increases in the number of patients have led to a demand for beds that exceeds the supply, especially at certain times of the week. This has resulted in a number of problems, including increasing costs for the hospital.
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